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Keep Your Expectations High

Increase your Visibility

Give your business the exposure / visibility you know it deserves by dominating Google’s rankings. We will open new digital avenues for you.

Increase Your Clientele

Our services will help you with driving customers to your website – and by extension to your products or services – more than any other digital marketing service or strategy.

Increase your Revenue

Keep track of your business growth through a customer stream that buys your products and services.

Your new partners

We will always be here to help you with ant question or problem you may have regarding our online marketing strategies and online marketing in general. We believe in doing business on a more “personal” level, which is why we will ensure that you will meet and talk with the team of experts that will undertake your project.

Monthly Reports

We will send you detailed monthly reports with updates regarding your Google rankings and noteworthy news from the online marketing industry in order to ensure that you and your business will always be ahead of the curve when it comes to digital marketing.


We are a part of many leading international internet marketing groups, consisting of many of the best SEOs in the world. Along with those groups and experts we plan new strategies strategy and we extrapolate data in order to determine what works when it comes to search engines and what we need to avoid. We are among the leaders in our industry in order to help you become a leader as well!

We dominate Google

We are not satisfied just with achieving top rankings. We want to understand how each site achieves its ranking on the search results page in order to help you monopolize the interest of search engine users.

We do everything In-house

We do not outsource any tasks and we don’t use any black hat techniques, which can end up doing more harm than good. All the work is done by our team of expertly trained and very experienced internet marketing professionals.

No Contracts

Our collaboration will be renewed on a monthly basis. If you are paying a business for results and they don’t produce any, why should you have to be forced to stay with them and keep paying them for nothing?

pamela ruiz review

Pamela Ruiz, Πελάτης

The results speak for themselves

Here are some basic words for which we have achieved top rankings. We always rank higher on the first search results pages than our competitors. We can do the same for you!

SEO Greece

SEO Greece

Website Optimization

Βελτιστοποίηση Ιστοσελίδων

Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Services

Return of Investment in SEO – Why Should You Care?

The Return of Investment in SEO is important for businesses that want to have a fair competitive advantage over their competitors, since it helps them take their business to a new, higher level.

What is the Return on my Investment for the keyword ranks 1st on Google?

How much money can I get when my keyword ranks first on Google?

Dominator’s personalized SEO Strategy Plan calculates and creates amazingly high value for you and your customers. You can use this plan to calculate how much money you can earn from your number one Google ranking. This in itself is enough to offer you a significant competitive edge.

john kruger review

John Kruger, Πελάτης

If you own or run a business or company in Greece, Digital Marketing is essential for growth and prosperity. In the last few years, SEO has become one of the most important factors in online advertising and marketing, which is evidenced by the fact that the largest Greek companies have already incorporated it into their marketing strategy.

Small business owners may not be fully aware of the benefits of online advertising or just how important SEO is nowadays, in fact, many think that it is not important at all. This is a huge mistake. All professionals and entrepreneurs, regardless of the size of their business, should learn about the options available to them in these areas if they want to get new visitors and customers to their sites through search engines and especially Google, which is the most popular search engine by far.


Search engines help people find answers to simple questions, such as where a restaurant is located or where one can find a particular professional that they are in need of, like a doctor for example. By typing specific keywords into search engines one can find literally hundreds o even thousands of results. In order to make life easier for their users, search engines such as Google rank those results according to their usefulness or their relevance to the keywords used in the user’s query.

Basically, search engines, like Google, are the backbone and the heart of the internet. Search engine optimization (SEO) actually helps people find information based on some reference words or keywords.

So, we want to help you dominate search engines and get hundreds of new customers. We want your call center to “catch fire” due to the sheer amount of your customers’ phone calls.

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