Advertising a Website with Google Adwords

Judging by the fact that you made it to our page, it is safe to assume that you’ve searched for the word “website advertising” using Google or another search engine. If you need to advertise your website directly at an affordable cost then the so-called pay per click advertising, also known as PPC, is the ideal solution for you. The most popular pay per click platform is Google AdWords, but in order to make the most of it, you will need the help of a Google Adword Expert. Our company creates Google Adwords advertising campaigns on behalf of its customers from scratch, or we optimize already existing ones. In any case, our goal is to achieve a satisfactory return on our customers’ investment as quickly as possible. What sets us apart from other firms in the same field, is our great experience in web advertising with the use of Google Adwords and the fact that we are always aware of all changes and developments in the field of search engine based marketing. These two factors are crucial to the strategic planning of an advertising campaign and the proper promotion of a website. We provide the creation and optimization of efficiency-oriented ad campaigns with realistic and measurable results.

Want to Increase DIRECTLY your Customers?

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The first step in website advertising for the creation of a proper and cost-effective AdWords campaign is to get to know the industry our client’s business belongs in and to study its major competitors. Then we can start developing a unique and “personalized” strategy that will surely bring the desired results as quickly and efficiently as possible.


The first thing our company will do for you is to make sure you target the most relevant keywords for your site in order to avoid spending time, effort and money in attracting low quality clicks. We use sophisticated techniques that not only ensure that prospective customers will find your business when they will be searching for products and services like the one you provide, but we almost nullify the chances of being charged for visitors to your site that may be coming by clicking on ads, but are not really interested in your products or services.

Ad copy

We will ensure that your Ad Copy will be strictly focused on the keywords of each Ad Group and the landing pages of your site. Thanks to our strong “call to action” and our ongoing testing, we can guarantee that you will get the right, high quality traffic at the lowest cost.


Ad Extensions have become a vital part of AdWords. They enrich the ad copy in order for it to be different than that of the competition and to take up more space on Google’s pages, thus making it more visible to the user. Not using ad extensions is a very big mistake in today’s Google AdWords landscape.


We can create the best strategy for you by creating and optimizing your campaigns across all networks in which you would like to maintain or establish a presence. In addition to the Google search network, which is also the most popular, there is also the display network via which we can showcase your business on relevant sites that your prospects are navigating to in order to direct them to your website.

Campaign Optimization

Attention to detail key. Campaign optimization will reduce your advertising costs and increase your clicks. Continuous optimization of your AdWords campaign by our company always guarantees the highest returns on your investment.

Campaign management

Without the proper intel and strategy, optimizing an AdWords campaign becomes a game of luck and chance. For this reason, one of the first things we do when we start a campaign is to create a properly tuned and unique tracking system that will provide us with all the information we need to optimize the campaign and the accounts related to it.

Monthly Results Report

We produce reports that provide a meaningful and comprehensive image of your campaign. Each of our reports contains all the actions and changes that have been made since our last report. Our reports also contain your competitors’ traffic and, of course, all the metrics and data that you are interested in.

Websites advertising with Google Adwords in Greece: Why choose it?

It’s fast!

We can start a unique and fully optimized campaign for your business within just a few days. Once your campaign is officially launched, traffic will begin to flow to your website.

It’s effective!

Your campaign will bring targeted traffic to your site and not just random visitors. This means that your site visitors will be potential customers who are actively looking and searching for your products or services.

Measurable results!

You will always have a clear image of exactly how much money your campaign is “producing” for your business.

It brings new customers to your business!

The AdWords Campaign allows you to find people who are actively looking for your products or services, most of whom would not have been able to find you on their own.

AdWords vs. Search Engine Optimization | Which is the best;

We can say that SEO is pay per click marketing’s little brother when it comes to search engines. The main difference between these two marketing methods is the ultimate goal of each. SEO aims to get your website ranked as highly as possible in Google’s organic results, which can take a lot of time depending, on the competition. AdWords, on the other hand, aims to make your site visible to search engine users in a relatively short period of time. It goes without saying that you can not pay Google to improve your organic ranking. You can pay Google to display your website in paid results. For the absolute best results for your business, BOTH of the aforementioned methods should be implemented in your online marketing strategy. Read more here

How can we help you?

If you already have an AdWords campaign but think that it is not performing as well as it should or could be, then we can analyze it in order to be able to tell you what our priorities would be for your campaign. If you have not yet made the big step in the world of paid advertising, but feel that the time has come for you to get into the “arena” of online marketing, then use the special discovery form below to provide us with more information about your business so we can have an in-depth discussion with you about your business and its marketing prospects that can change its and your future.

Contact us today to learn how our pay-per-click service can help your business reach the top rankings in search engine results pages.

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